Las Meninas in Quinta Monteguerra

29 May, 2018

The opening ceremony of the exhibition of sculptures and paintings dedicated to Las Meninas will take place on 13rd of July at 8:30 pm. in Encina courtyard. The initiative comes up a few months ago, when Alfredo, artist from La Mancha was our guest during a wedding. This artistic exhibition of Alfredo Martínez’s works in Quinta Monteguerra began to take shape after a conversation and visit to his workshop. The artworks will be moved for a few days from his workshop in La Alameda to Encina courtyard,in Quinta Monteguerra, a space where art will be fused with a Cervantes courtyard. We will enjoy creating versatility of his artistic world, with painting and sculpture of different techniques. His sculptures combine ceramics, wood, iron, stone and other materials, perfectly balance, creating figures full of movement and expressiveness. His painting is expressive and colorful. Las Meninas series is one of the artist’s favorites and Quinta Monteguerra is proud to be able to show it for a few days. Opening ceremony and exhibition is free, you only have to book your ticket at these numbers 606 563 221, 649 848 625, 926 161 136 or send an email to If you cannot attend the opening ceremony you can visit the exhibition by exhibition by prior appointment, calling to 926 161 136 from 07/13/18 to 07/30/18. We wait for you, enjoy the art in Quinta Monteguerra while you try our cocktail.