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A place to enjoy a spot of leisure and peace

  • The ancestor of Quinta Monteguerra is the so-called Casa de la Tía, a traditional Manchega house of work dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The restoration concept is worth highlighting since it has retained the original architecture. The original walls built with stones from the area have been reinforced. Furthermore, the wooden roof structure and curved roof tile have been preserved. Both the entrance and main staircase are the originals, likewise areas of the indoor courtyard. The lime of its facades and indigo blue of the base are clear examples of popular Manchega architecture.

  • Traditional Manchego landscape gets intensified in Monteguerra, a wonderful place to get lost among the vineyards of different varieties; almond trees which create a white hue in spring; the olive trees, which together with the oak trees dye the landscape in array of greens contrasting with the reds and browns of the Manchego soil; and cereal fields, greenish or ochre lagoons depending on the season. A veritable unforgettable spectacle.

  • This estate hosts anyone willing to go in depth into the coexistence with small wild game like rabbits, hares and partridges not to mention Iberian species like owls and the Spanish Imperial Eagle, which will follow your steps during your walks through Monteguerra. Treat yourself to a moment of relax below our millenary oak tree, the ideal place to enjoy a moment of peace and leisure.