Hiking and cycling routes in Monteguerra

24 juillet, 2020

In Monteguerra´s country house, we have 2 hiking routes of 3 Km and 5 Km. These routes help us to get lost between protected oaks and scrub land where we can find almond trees, which stain the landscape white in spring, and olives and oaks giving the landscape green and brown tones. On these routes of traditional Manchego landscape, we are going to walk between vineyards and cereal fields, greenish or ochres lakes depending on the season. The country house, of 250 Ha, holds a hunting ground, which will let us to enjoy, hares, rabbits, partridges and even we may be flown over by an imperial owl, all along the way. As a curiosity, the origin of the name Monteguerra comes from “Guerras” the surname of last owner. As time passes, and because of the orography, “monte”, (mount) it started to be called “Monteguerra”. That name will be a legacy for “Quinta Monteguerra” the villa for social events, and also for the country house “Casa Rural Monteguerra”.

In addition to those two routes, we can find rural roads drawn by the time, like the road Guerras, which was part of a road which linked Madrid and Andalucia. 100 m. before the main entrance to Finca Monteguerra there was an old inn for travellers where stagecoaches stopped to sleep and eat. Another important road is the Cañada el Romeral, where years ago a stream flowed into Cigüela river; nowadays this stream is only a path for shepherds. Today we can see the Cañada path, drawn by sheep herds roaming for decades, and finishing in a stone stair which made easier the ascent to shepherd´s house. The hill we may see in the distance was called Los Toriles, because bulls were bred there. In these roads, is easy to imagine Don Quijote riding and in search of his giants, the mills that we can find near Monteguerra.

To enjoy these routes, we recommend you to respect the nature and enjoy all that flora and fauna provide us. Relax and find the happiness in these paths.