COIIM Observance in Quinta Monteguerra

30 March, 2016

Last Saturday, the 12th March, Quinta Monteguerra was the place chosen by COIIM, acronym of Industrial Engineering College from Ciudad Real, to celebrate the patronal feast of Saint Joseph. The celebration included a business meeting and a lunch. Before that, they also visited Symaga’s facilities defined as a “progress oasis in the middle of La Mancha landscape.

The president of the delegation of the Industrial Engineering Official School, Mr. Andrés Gómez, highlighted in his speech the “Plan Adelante” of the Council of Communities of Castilla La Mancha and the call from the Ministry of Industry concerning financial support for industrial investment, as the motors to reindustrialize the province.

Quinta Monteguerra appreciates the visit, and aligns itself to COIIM’s wishes for the increase in the industrial development in the whole province of Ciudad Real.