The Safety and Well-Being of Our Guests, Our Priority.

22 May, 2020

Quinta Monteguerra has activated a COVID19 Protocol, in line with the instructions of  the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE). The management committee has planned and implemented a new strategy, to prevent the spread and reduce the health risks of our guest and employees.

Our rural accommodation assumes a strong commitment in the implementation of this set of measures:

For our employees:

– Training courses for all employees. Online course “Actions of prevention services against SARS-CoV-2” .

– Cleaning and tidying is carried out within a safe distance.

– Disinfectant gel is available at various points, to ensure continuous hand washing.

– Use of mandatory PPE: masks and gloves.

– Disinfection of all rooms with Ozone and enhancing of ventilation.

For our guests

– Upon booking confirmation, guest consent to the acceptance of the security measures implemented.

– Guests are instructed to keep the safety distance.

– All requests for infomation are to be provided online or by telephone

– Credit card payment is advised.

– Decoration has been minimized; Bins with sanitary bag and a non-manually lid are available in the rooms.

– Cleaning and disinfecting with products of proven efficacy is guaranteed.

The Safety and well-being of our team and gests is our priority. This COVID19 protocol guarantees the operability and safety of our guests and employees.

The team in Quinta Monteguerra hopes that we can overcome this situation at the soonest.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.